Want to become a product reviewer?

We want to share more unbiased reviews of cricket gear with our readers and created a conclusive gear guide resource.

As part of this mission we are starting to approach cricket brands and invite them to have our team of product reviewers test our their products and create a detailed review for our readers.

So how would you like some free cricket gear?


  • Do I need to be good at cricket?
    • Not at all, ideally you’re a badger and know cricket, but under no obligation to be ‘really good’ at the game.
  • Do I need to be good at writing?
    • A basic grasp of the English language is great, we’ll be able to edit your reviews for grammar and readability so don’t worry too much.
  • How many products will I get to review?
    • Honestly, we don’t know. As we grow, we’ll be approaching more brands. We’re hoping to get more and more opportunities.
  • Where do you want reviewers to be?
    • We’d love reviewers all over the world. So wherever you are, please do apply.
  • Is this a paid opportunity?
    • Unfortunately at this time we cannot afford to pay for product reviews, although you will get to keep the product you are reviewing.
  • I have another question, who should I ask?
    • Of course, you can email freddie@alloutcricket.com with any other questions you have.

Ready to apply?

To apply to to become a AOC product reviewer, we would like you to write a review of your current cricket bat.

You should aim for at least 500 words, but ideally target around 1000.

Consider elements such as how long you’ve had the bat, how much it cost, how many runs you’ve scored, how it feels, what the weight is, etc, etc. And also tell us about you – are you an opening batter, a tailender, what is your favourite shot, do you love cow corner? Go wild.

An optional extra – record a 1-2 minute video review of the bat too. Essentially you talking through on camera some of your thoughts.

Please send the review, via a Google Doc to freddie@alloutcricket.com.