Write For Us

Do you love cricket? And want to help build All Out Cricket to become the #1 destination for cricket lovers? Always wanted to be a writer or to build your sports journalism portfolio?

All Out Cricket gives you the platform to reach millions of readers across the cricketing world.

All Out Cricket has ambitions to become the most read cricket website in the world so are always looking for new content writers and guest authors who want to help our audience learn more about the sport we love or improve their game through helpful advice and tips.

What we publish?

Right now, we are focused on writing content around learning the ropes of cricket, articles on common terms in cricket, help articles on how to get better at cricket (how to bowl a doosra for example) as well as product buying guides and real product reviews.

In future, we will look into starting to publish more news articles, trending stories, match reports & analysis as well as interviews and more – if this is what you want to write. Do get in touch and we can start creating these with you.

Content Guidelines?

We’re open to new styles, perspectives and angles when it comes to new content, although we do try to be consistent in creating comprehensive guides which our audience prefers.

Our standard guidelines are:

  • Word count is flexible depending on the topic, but the majority of our articles are 1000+ words
  • Our best performing articles are supported by rich content in the form of images and embedded videos – feel free to add these liberally in your content
  • Paragraph length should ideally be 4-5 lines max, shorter is better and improves readability
  • All content topics need to be pre-approved to ensure we do not have existing content on the topic
  • Feel free to include links to external resources where relevant and makes sense to the content
  • Please include links to other AOC articles within your content
  • Include your own perspectives, opinions and thoughts within your content, even if it is a general topic
  • All content will require an author bio and author headshot
  • Ensure your content is clearly structured with subheadings throughout the article
  • Feel free to share an outline of the article in advance to increases chances of publication
  • Back your claims with stats and facts to pack a punch and to deliver it with authority.

How to Apply?

To become an write for All Out Cricket, contact Freddie at freddie@alloutcricket.com with the subject line “AOC Writer Application”, with a topic in mind and any examples of your existing writing portfolio (although not having one should not put you off applying).

Please note: Currently we are not able to pay our writers, due to our small size. However, this will change soon and we’ll update this page with information on this when it does.