The Village Cricket Bat


  • Weighing only 2lb 9oz, this bat is lightweight
  • Choose from either a short or long handle, depending on your height
  • This bat’s design is simple, with one shape and style
  • It has a low middle and a balanced pickup, making it easy to handle
  • The bat comes with a FREE case to protect it
  • It has been endorsed by village cricketers

The Village Cricket Bat is a durable bat designed to help you find gaps in the field and hit boundaries on village cricket grounds for years to come. It’s the ideal bat for village cricketers, with a simple 2lb 9oz design that can fly if you hit the middle. It comes with a low-middle shape that’s perfect for the low-bouncing UK wickets and is ready to play. Made by village cricketers to encourage more people to play the sport, it’s also cost-effective and lets you save money for a post-match beer.


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The Village Cricket Bat