Darren Sammy’s T20 Captaincy Tips

Two-time World T20 and Pakistan Super League-winning captain Darren Sammy shares some quick tips on short-format leadership.


If a decision or plan comes into your mind, then it’s important to trust your gut. This is especially important in T20 when the game moves so quickly.


Always make sure you’re calm. I think best when I’m calm and that allows me to trust my gut in pressurised situations. I take a breath, take my time and maybe go and talk to my bowler or a senior player and have a discussion, just to slow down the game.


In T20 you need to make sure you seize the momentum. When you have the momentum on your side, try your best to keep it. In Twenty20 every ball is an event and you need to win as many of those as you possibly can.


Some captains let things happen and then they react. If you have a feeling that the ball is going to go to a certain position, put a man there and then let the bowler bowl. Stay one step ahead of the game.


Communication is vital. Talk to your bowlers about their plans. Don’t be predictable. You can’t bowl the same ball all the time because batsmen will pick up on what you’re trying to do. T20 is very much a team sport. Don’t be afraid to involve your teammates. Make everybody feel like they’re part of the team, although remember you’re the captain…

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