Fantasy Club Cricket: Raise Cash For Your Club

Raising funds is often one of the biggest challenges faced by cricket clubs big and small. It conjures up images of winter club days in the snow, poorly attended quiz nights and pleading with sponsors. We at Fantasy Club Cricket think there’s a better way.

Founded in 2014, Fantasy Club Cricket allows any club in the world to set up their very own fantasy cricket league featuring all the players from that club. Once your club is signed up, your admin can share the link allowing anyone to create a team – we recommend charging a small fee for each team entered. Each team can then choose six or 11 players (depending on which option the club has taken) and teams score points depending on how those players perform in the real world.

What’s more, thanks to our partnership with Play-Cricket, all player data can be updated automatically so the whole process is hassle free. We can even collect and store entry fee money for you meaning a player cannot enter a team until they’ve paid up. No more chasing for cash!

Last year almost 10,000 teams were created between hundreds of clubs using the Fantasy Club Cricket platform worldwide, raising an average of £234 per club. That’s a quarter of a bowling machine!

It’s also a great way of building a bit of club spirit – suddenly people become very interested in how that promising youngster in the 3rd XI got on!

We’re constantly improving the Fantasy Club Cricket platform, based on our users’ feedback. Here’s a taste of what’s new for the 2017 season:


  • Total control over points structure. We suggest points for runs, wickets, catches etc. but you’re the boss!
  • In addition to automatic points updates you can manually import individual scorecards from Play-Cricket (for example if one was added late).
  • Exclude/Include matches that were imported from Play-Cricket, giving you the freedom to manually select which matches are included in the fantasy league.
  • Choose the six-player package (x2 batsmen, x2 bowlers, x1 allrounder x1 wicketkeeper) or 11-player package (x4 batsmen, x4 bowlers, x4 allrounders x1 wicketkeeper).


  • See detailed statistics of any player.
  • Choose a captain each week who will score you double points.
  • Make transfers and earn money if your players have increased in value.

The Fantasy Club Cricket Platform:

  • Automate the collection of team entry fee money (15 per cent fee applies).
  • League table can be ordered by weekly, monthly or overall totals.
  • Prices start from just £14.99 a year for the basic package with the following upgrades available:
  • Automatic points update (integration with Play-Cricket) +£8.99 (UK only).
  • 11 Players per team + £5.99.
  • Team entry fee collection (15% fee).

Fantasy Club Cricket is currently offering a bundle discount: you get the basic package plus all the upgrades for just £24.99 (usually £29.99)

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