Newbery Handmade Cricket Bats: Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow

Create your own legacy with Newbery BatBuilder® and the stunning new range of Newbery handmade cricket bats.

Any cricketer who knows and loves the game, will always look back on its history with pride. And they’ll also know that the sport is rapidly on the move; evolving at pace with the rise in popularity spurred on by white-ball cricket.

Long-known for its proud heritage of handmade excellence, Newbery is now writing an exciting new chapter in its ongoing story. Two new ranges are being launched. The Heritage range, and the Performance range. In essence, two choices that appeal to the ever-widening market for both excellence and affordability.

The Heritage Range

Homegrown (using only the finest English willow) and handmade here in England, this is a range of first-class bats for anyone who truly values expert craftsmanship. The Heritage Range takes Newbery’s most cherished qualities and distils them into an aspirational purchase for players ambitious to perform at their best. Prices start at £275, making your Newbery bat a worthwhile investment in tradition and premium performance.

The Performance Range

If you’ve always wanted to own a Newbery bat, but thought it out of your price range, it’s all about to change. This exciting new range presents an affordable route to standing at the crease armed with a high performance bat, grounded in true Newbery heritage. Hand-finished here in the UK, the Performance range is ideal for younger or newer players who have always wanted to own a Newbery. And with prices starting at just £119.99, they now can.

Newbery – handcrafting bats across England

From humble origins in the early 1900s in East Sussex, Newbery now uses carefully selected, expert bat makers across England. This has helped meet increasing demand for top-quality craftsmanship, and to meet the popular appeal of the brand. This solid growth has given birth to the Heritage and Performance ranges. And it’s also led to an exciting new way to get your hands on a Newbery bat that’s made just for you.

Introducing BatBuilder® –Newbery’s getting personal

Any player will know that your relationship with your bat is a special one indeed. More than just ‘a piece of kit’, it’s an integral part of who you are as a player. Well, the great news is that with BatBuilder®, you can now specify a bat built entirely to your personal requirements. From length, to weight, to handle size, this online tool puts you in control. You’ll receive updates and images of your bat being hand crafted by our master bat makers in England. When you take ownership, it will be individually numbered and come in a presentation gun case (limited numbers). If you’d like to know more about BatBuilder®, or the Heritage or Performance ranges, please visit

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